UCI Faculty with Environment and Sustainability Interest

The following resource will give you a sense of the depth and breadth of UC Irvine faculty commitment to environmental and sustainability-related research. Together, the Office of Administrative and Business Services and Sustainability Initiative update the catalog each spring. Visit www.sustainability.uci.edu to access the 2014 catalog.

Name Title Home Department Research Type More Information
Eric Rignot Professor Earth System Science glaciology, climate change, radar remote sensing, ice sheet modeling, interferometry, radio echo sounding, ice-ocean interactions
Stephen G. Ritchie Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering transportation systems engineering
Michael Robinson-Dorn Clinical Professor of Law Law law related to climate change, natural resources, pollution control and transboundary resource and environmental issues
Michael R. Rose Professor Ecology & Evolutionary Biology experimental evolution, aging, biological immortality, drosophila, human evolution, evolution of sex
Diego Rosso Assistant Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering environmental process engineering, water and wastewater engineering, carbon and energy footprints, energy conservation
Ann K. Sakai Professor Ecology & Evolutionary Biology plant population biology and conservation biology, plant breeding systems, population biology of invasive species
Eric S. Saltzman Professor Earth System Science atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemistry, air-sea exchange
Scott Samuelsen Professor of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Environmental Engineering Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering energy, combustion, fuel cells, hydrogen, distributed generation, alternative fuels, gas turbine engines, coal, oil, natural gas, air pollution
Brett Sanders Professor ad Chair Civil & Environmental Engineering urban flooding, sea level rise and coastal flooding, storm water management
Suzanne Sandmeyer Professor Chemical Engineering & Materials Science creating platform chemicals through the bioengineering of microorganisms, in particular Saccharomyces cerevisiae; using genomics, bioinformatics and molecular biology to enhance the ability to produce important hydrocarbons from yeast
Jean-Daniel Saphores Assistant Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering environmental and natural resource economics and policy, urban economics, sustainability
Barbara Sarnecka Assistant Professor Cognitive Sciences closing the achievement gap between Latino students from low-income backgrounds and students from higher-income backgrounds
Jan Scherfig Professor Emeritus Civil & Environmental Engineering water reclamation, waste treatment processes, environmental engineering
Peter L. Schnall Professor Medicine the role of occupational stress in causing hypertension and cardiovascular disease
Evan Schofer Professor Sociology globalization, political participation, education, environmentalism, economic growth, and economic inequality