Environment Institute Leadership

The UCI Environment Institute was led by a Director Michael Prather, the 2012-13 Governing Board, the 2012-13 Faculty Steering Committee, Staff, and Volunteers.

Faculty Steering Committee

Jack Brouwer
Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, National Fuel Cell Research Center Associate Director
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Diane R. Campbell
Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Linda R. Cohen
Professor, Economics and Law, Schools of Social Sciences and Law, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, School of Social Sciences
Donald Dabdub
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Professor, Advanced Power and Energy Program
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
James Famiglietti
Professor of Earth System Science and of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director, University of California Center for Hydrologic Modeling (UCCHM)
Earth System Science
David J. Feldman
Professor and Chair, Planning, Policy & Design
Planning, Policy & Design
Allon Hochbaum
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Chemistry
Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Richard A. Matthew
Professor, Planning, Policy & Design, Director, Center for Unconventional Security Affairs (CUSA)
Planning, Policy & Design
Oladele Ogunseitan
Professor, Health Sciences / Public Health, Chair, DPHDP
Public Health
Jasper Vrugt
Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering