UCI Faculty with Environment and Sustainability Interest

The following resource will give you a sense of the depth and breadth of UC Irvine faculty commitment to environmental and sustainability-related research. Together, the Office of Administrative and Business Services and Sustainability Initiative update the catalog each spring. Visit www.sustainability.uci.edu to access the 2014 catalog.

Name Title Home Department Research Type More Information
Sergey Nizkorodov Professor Chemistry atmospheric chemistry of organic aerosols
Andrew Noymer Associate Professor Public Health demography, health
Oladele Ogunseitan Professor environmental and health effects of industrial development with respect to pollution prevention and remediation, interdisciplinary approaches to environmentally benign product design and life-cycle assessment of materials that affect human health and the
Betty H. Olson Professor
Betty H. Olson Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering public health aspects of waters and wastewaters
Donald J. Patterson Associate Professor Informatics collapse computing-the study, design, and development of sociotechnical systems in the abundant present for use in a future of scarcity
Reginald Penner Professor Chemistry thermoelectrics
Robert F. Phalen Professor Medicine possible long-term consequences for lung disease due to toxic inhalation exposure
Michael J. Prather Director, UC Irvine Environment Institute, Fred Kavli Chair and Professor, Earth System Science Earth System Science global change, atmospheric chemistry, climate forcing and air quality
Francois W. Primeau Associate Professor Earth System Science transport of tracers by the global ocean circulation, dynamics of the wind-driven ocean circulation, mid-latitude ocean-atmosphere interations
James T. Randerson Professor Earth System Science climate-carbon cycle feedbacks, fires, land cover change, remote sensing, tropical deforestation, global change in arctic and boreal ecosystems, terrestrial ecosystems and climate policy
Jose Ranz Assistant Professor Ecology & Evolutionary Biology functional and comparative genomics, evolution of the expression network, speciation
Wilfred W. Recker Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering transportation modeling and urban systems
Robert D. Reed Assistant Professor Ecology & Evolutionary Biology evolution and development, butterfly wing patterns
Debra J. Richardson Professor Informatics Software Engineering for Sustainability – methodology to develop softwareintensive IT systems that meet the functional needs of users while reducing environmental and other unsustainable impacts brought about by those systems, including appropriate techno