UCI Faculty with Environment and Sustainability Interest

The following resource will give you a sense of the depth and breadth of UC Irvine faculty commitment to environmental and sustainability-related research. Together, the Office of Administrative and Business Services and Sustainability Initiative update the catalog each spring. Visit www.sustainability.uci.edu to access the 2014 catalog.

Name Title Home Department Research Type More Information
Sharon Stern Senior Lecturer Public Health water pollution and treatment, environmental pollution remediation, health and policy
Daniel Stokols Chancellor’s Professor Epidemiology theory development in environmental psychology and social ecology, environmental design research, community and worksite health promotion, effects of environmental stressors on behavior and health, environmental psychology of the internet
Richard Symanski Senior Lecturer Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Peter Taborek Professor Physics & Astronomy surface physics of gas hydrates
Douglas J. Tobias Professor Chemistry molecular dynamics of atmospheric systems
Bill Tomlinson Associate Professor Informatics Environmental informatics, sustainability education, software engineering for sustainability, collapse computing (the study, design, and development of sociotechnical systems in the abundant present for use in a future of scarcity)
Kathleen K. Treseder Professor Ecology & Evolutionary Biology microbial biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, and global change
Susan E. Trumbore Professor Earth System Science use of radiocarbon to trace the global carbon cycle, greenhouse gas production and consumption in terrestrial ecosystems
Kerry Vandell Dean’s Professor of Finance Business urban/real estate/environmental economics
Isabella Velicogna Assistant Professor Earth System Science geophysics, glaciology, hydrology, remote sensing
Alladi Venkatesh Professor Business markets, incentives, asymmetric information, and energy efficiency
Jasper Vrugt Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering
Roger Walsh Professor Psychiatry & Human Behavior psychological causes and consequences of sustainability issues
Yun Wang Director, Renewable Energy Resources Laboratory Assistant and Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Geoff Ward Associate Professor Criminology, Law and Society advancing racial equality in juvenile justice, i.e., the fate of the group rests on the equitable development of its children and youth