Faculty Seed Grants

From 2008-2012, the Environment Institute awarded numerous seed grants to interdisciplinary teams of UCI faculty to support innovative sustainability- and environment-related research. At present, there is no open call for proposals.

Project Image Project Title Principal Investigator
Using IT to Compress Perceived Time and Space in How People Think About Global Change: A Step Towards Behavioral Change Bill Tomlinson (Informatics), Brett Sanders (Civil & Environmental Engineering), and Robin Keller (Merage School)
Use Of Analytical Chemistry To Examine Controls Over Decomposition of Plant Material Kathleen Treseder (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) & James Nowick (Chemistry)
A Bayesian Analysis of Coastal Water Quality Sunny Jiang (Civil & Environmental Eng.) & Ivan Jeliazkov (Economics)
Modeling Population Exposure to Air Pollutants near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Donald Dabdub (Mechanical & Aerospace Eng.) & Jun Wu (Health Sciences)
Co-benefits from mitigation of emissions and aerosol toxicity from small-scale industries in Mexico Rufus Edwards (Epidemiology) and Michael Kleinman (Medicine)
Fluid Mechanics of Environmentally Significant Hydrate Slurries Derek Dunn-Rankin (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) and Peter Taborek (Physics)
Solar Light Harvesting by Energy Transfer: Learning from Nature Sergei P. Balashov (Physiology and Biophysics); Filipp U. Furche (Chemistry); Janos K. Lanyi (Physiology & Biophysics); Hartmut Luecke (Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Computer Science, and Physiolo