EI Education Program


The Environment Institute contributed to sustainability education at UCI both inside and outside the classroom.

At the graduate level, the Institute convened UCI’s Sustainability Science Teams (SST).  The SST was an annual interdisciplinary cohort of five doctoral candidates who together address a real-world sustainability challenge.  Their applied research drew upon their individual expertise while innovating a transdisciplinary language of sustainability aimed at enabling tomorrow’s leaders to better meet the challenge of our times. 

The Institute’s Sustainability Curriculum Project worked with faculty, staff, and students from across campus to assess UCI’s current curriculum capacity and to develop new formal education programs in sustainability, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. This project also provided the campus information about sustainability-focused and-related courses and degrees.

The Institute’s Sustainability Co-curriculum Project  provided sustainability education outside the classroom by providing a host of programming for graduate and undergraduate students interested in sustainability research, education, and engagement.