UCI Faculty with Environment and Sustainability Interest

The following resource will give you a sense of the depth and breadth of UC Irvine faculty commitment to environmental and sustainability-related research. Together, the Office of Administrative and Business Services and Sustainability Initiative update the catalog each spring. Visit www.sustainability.uci.edu to access the 2014 catalog.

Name Title Home Department Research Type More Information
Merritt Schreiber Associate Clinical Professor Emergency Medicine focused on preventing/mitigating the burden of traumatic injuries and disaster/mass casualties/terrorism events on children and adults; additional foci on the impacts of crisis standards of care on healthcare providers in public health emergencies; other
Carl H. Schultz Professor of Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine reducing the human impacts of earthquakes, allocation of scarce resources in disaster
Patricia Seed Professor and Cartographer History mapped the potential human and environmental impact of rising sea levels on the West African coast
William R. “Randy” Seeker Adjunct Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Athan J. Shaka Professor Chemistry radiochemistry and nuclear power
Devin Shanthikumar Professor Business corporate reporting of sustainability activities, market responses to sustainability information
Masanobu Shinozuka Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering earthquake and structural engineering with a special interest in field theory and risk assessment methodology in civil engineering
Shivendu Shivendu Professor Business markets, incentives, asymmetric information, and energy efficiency
Dennis Silverman Professor Emeritus Physics & Astronomy energy systems
Kenneth Small Professor Emeritus Economics energy use in transportation
David A. Smith Professor Planning, Policy & Design world systems analysis, urbanization, development, comparative-historical sociology, dependent development in East Asia, global cities
Patrick J. “Padhraic” Smyth Professor Informatics data mining, pattern recognition, machine learning, time series analysis, artificial intelligence, applied statistics
Soroosh Sorooshian Distinguished Professor Earth System Science hydrology, hydrometeorology and hydroclimate modeling, remote sensing, water resources management
Robert Steele Professor Biological Chemistry hydra, developmental biology, receptor protein-tyrosinekinases, evolution, homeobox genes, spliced leaders, trans-splicing
Sharon Stern Senior Lecturer Public Health water pollution and treatment, environmental pollution remediation, health and policy