About the Director, Michael J. Prather


Dr. Michael Prather, UCI Professor of Earth System Science, was director of the UC Irvine Environment Institute from its founding (April 2008) until the institute was closed on June 30, 2013.  Many activities of the Environment Institute are being continued.  This website maintains historical data regarding the institute and its accomplishments, while pointing the way to new campus activities continuing the original goals of fostering research and education addressing threats to our environment and society that are being driven by 21st century changes in climate, ecosystems, demography, and the search for sustainable energy and other resources. The institute fostered innovative research on campus that reached across Schools and Departments, giving priority to partnerships of researchers addressing interactions between pure science, technological innovation, and societal response. The institute sponsored opened competition for both research funding and faculty positions. As a campus-wide institute, it sought funding and other opportunities to enhance the interdisciplinary study of the environment, energy and other resources through funded programs and facilities.