Self-Assembly of Quantum Dot Superlattices for Solar Cells

The seed grant is pursued to initiate a new collaboration between the Guan and Law labs on the development of quantum dots (QDs) superlattices for efficient photovoltaic (PV) devices. QD superlattices are highly promising for PV applications because such systems are predicted to have high efficiency for light harvesting and charge collection. However, it remains a challenge to prepare QD superlattices that have functional PV properties. We propose to design new organic ligands to direct self-assembly of QDs into functional superlattice for PV. Through an interdisciplinary collaboration combining the complimentary expertise of Guan (organic synthesis and self-assembly) and Law (QD and PV) labs, our objective is to achieve highly ordered, functional QD superlattices for photovoltaics with perfect charge collection efficiency.

Project P.I.: 
Zhibin Guan (Chemistry & BME & ChemE & MSE), Matt Law ( Chemistry)