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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Sustainabilty Science Team
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SST - 2011

"I am a PhD candidate in the School of Engineering, supervised by Prof. Jack Brouwer. Widespread deployment of renewable power generators requires a flexible and responsive network of non-intermittent generators and storage devices capable of operating on the fuels of tomorrow. My work in fuel cells, gas turbine hybrids, and combined cooling, heating and power technologies utilizes thermal storage technology and fuel cells to addresses the need for flexible generation from both renewable and non-renewable feed-stocks. My energy systems background supports the analysis and feasibility of sustainable energy options when evaluating intercity partnerships for sustainability. My PhD work focuses on the technical aspects of electrical generation and demand response while my science team contribution focuses on the economic, policy, and sociology challenges associated with deployment of such technologies. An opportunity exists to connect, through inter-city partnerships, the regions with high demand for renewable power, and those regions with high potential for generating renewable power, particularly in regards to available land space."