First Name: 
Sasha (Alexandra)
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Home Department: 
Civil & Environmental Engineering
2010 Sustainability Science Team
Association with the EI: 
SST - 2010

"I am fascinated by understanding how humans interact with natural resources, and how the relationship between the two will change with time, particularly in the face of climate change. I have always been mesmerized by water as a critical natural resource. It is a backbone of life, yet it is often taken for granted by its many users. In order to be truly sustainable, and understanding of the linkages across all disciplines is essential."

When Sasha Richey turns on the water faucet, she sees much more than a simple stream of water – Sasha sees a complex web of sustainable resources. Using NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite mission, Sasha’s research is focused on developing a rigorous ratio of human water withdrawal versus availability. This ratio will provide a unique perspective into the sustainable use of limited resources. By examining the availability of water, a limited, critical resource affected by climate change, Sasha’s research enables a reasoned response to the intricate socio-economic implications.