UCI Faculty with Environment and Sustainability Interest

The following resource will give you a sense of the depth and breadth of UC Irvine faculty commitment to environmental and sustainability-related research. Together, the Office of Administrative and Business Services and Sustainability Initiative update the catalog each spring. Visit www.sustainability.uci.edu to access the 2014 catalog.

Name Title Home Department Research Type More Information
Linda Cohen Professor Economics energy economics, environmental economics, economics of innovation, with a focus on understanding how innovation for environmental and energy industries responds to public policies and economic institutions
William J. Cooper Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering the design and optimization of low-cost and efficient constructed wetlands for the treatment of water from storm water, the environmental fate of pharmaceuticals in natural waters, and , optimization of processes in indirect potable reuse of wastewater
Robert M. Corn Professor Chemistry surface chemistry, nanoparticles for microinverters
Claudia Czimczik Assitant Professor Earth System Science carbon and nitrogen cycling in the terrestrial biosphere
Nancy Da Silva Professor Chemical Engineering & Materials Science biofuels and biorenewable chemicals
Donald Dabdub Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering air pollution dynamics, atmospheric chemistry, energy and air quality
Ralph J. Delfino Professor Epidemiology environmental epidemiology, health effects of air pollution on human populations
Joseph DiMento Professor Planning, Policy & Design planning, land use and environmental law, use of social science in policy making, legal control of corporate behavior
Ellen Druffel Professor Earth System Science marine carbon tracking
Derek Dunn-Rankin Professor and Chair Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering combustion, optical particle sizing, particle aerodynamics, laser diagnostics and spectroscopy, indoor air quality
Todd Dupont Assisant Professor Earth System Science climate change and ice sheet dynamics
Aaron P. Esser-Kahn Assistant Professor Chemistry carbon capture, waste heat conversion
William J. Evans Professor Chemistry catalysis, nuclear fuels, rare earth single molecule magnets
Jay Famiglietti Founding Director, University of California Center for Hydrologic Modeling and Professor Earth System Science hydrology and climate, terrestrial and global water cycles, hydrological and Earth system modeling
M. Joseph Fedoruk Clinical Professor of Medicine Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Medicine assessment of health effects of mold, pesticides, and other toxic exposures; microbial and indoor air quality issues; hazardous material incidents; exposure assessment