Faculty Seed Grants

From 2008-2012, the Environment Institute awarded numerous seed grants to interdisciplinary teams of UCI faculty to support innovative sustainability- and environment-related research. At present, there is no open call for proposals.

Project Image Project Title Principal Investigator
Assessing Cookstove Emissions: Global and Local Impacts Derek Dunn-Rankin (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Rufus Edwards ( Department of Epidemiology)
Discussion of Socioscientific Issues in Classrooms to Develop Youth's Scientific Literacy about Climate Change Joshua Lawrence (Education) and Raul Perez Lejano (Planning, Policy & Design)
Fueling the future: Investigation of hydrocarbon formation from CO by vanadium nitrogenase Markus W. Ribbe (Molecular Biology & Biochemistry), Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (Chemistry)
Wiring up biology: overcoming transport limitations in microbial energy production Allon Hochbaum (Chemical Engineering & Chemistry), Jacob Brouwer (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)