Faculty Seed Grants

From 2008-2012, the Environment Institute awarded numerous seed grants to interdisciplinary teams of UCI faculty to support innovative sustainability- and environment-related research. At present, there is no open call for proposals.

Project Image Project Title Principal Investigator
Experimental Assessment of Technologies for Use in Restoring the Salton Sea Timothy J. Bradley (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), William J. Cooper (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Fueling the future: Investigation of hydrocarbon formation from CO by vanadium nitrogenase Markus W. Ribbe (Molecular Biology & Biochemistry), Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (Chemistry)
Wiring up biology: overcoming transport limitations in microbial energy production Allon Hochbaum (Chemical Engineering & Chemistry), Jacob Brouwer (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)
Discussion of Socioscientific Issues in Classrooms to Develop Youth's Scientific Literacy about Climate Change Joshua Lawrence (Education) and Raul Perez Lejano (Planning, Policy & Design)