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Civil & Environmental Engineering
Sustainability Science Team
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SST - 2011

"Water is the most important component on the planet. Nearly one billion people do not have access to safe water. In addition to water scarcity, climate change increases the potential for serious conflicts over water. Thinking about water scarcity, I was always passionate to study in the field of water resources to improve our water management systems."

Nasrin Nasrollahi is a PhD candidate at the Center of Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing (CHRS), UC Irvine (advisor: Prof. Sorooshian). She holds a BS in Civil
Engineering and a MSc in Water Resources Engineering and Management. Nasrin's current research is focused on implementation of multi-spectral satellite imagery and cloud classification maps in satellite precipitation algorithms. Nasrin is the recipient of the 2011 NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship for her graduate studies. The main objective of her research is to develop a multi-spectral, multi-satellite precipitation retrieval algorithm. Her approach intends to utilize supplementary sources of information on cloud characteristics in order to detect non-precipitating clouds and eliminate false precipitation estimates from satellites. The improved global precipitation data will be available to the scientific community and decision makers for research and application purposes.