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Planning, Policy & Design
2010 Sustainability Science Team
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SST - 2010

My research is both extremely depressing and uplifting at the same time. Rapid habitat loss, extreme mismanagement of waste, loss of life and livelihoods… the list goes on and on. But then I see the people at every level – individual, community, municipal, national, regional – who are just as concerned about this problem and are spending their lives working to educate people, network, and actively address these very problems."

Alexis Hickman’ passion for Southeast Asian coastal cities impacted by environmental degradation and climate change is inspired by personal experience. After spending much of her childhood in Southeast Asia, Alexis realized the impact of environmental governance formed in response to environmental change. Through a case study of Bangkok, Alexis’research examines the ways in which the city is serving as an incubator of innovative environmental governance systems aimed at mitigating urban impacts on coastal resources and adapting urban populations to global environmental challenges with a developing country context.