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Comparative Literature
Sustainability Science Team
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SST - 2010

"It took me a while to determine that my theoretical curiosities and personal affections toward nature and the environment could be a viable academic interest.  There is a great deal of interest, especially given our current social and cultural circumstance, for understanding what role language plays in determining our relationship to, impact upon, and conceptions of the environment.”

Truly an interdisciplinary scholar, Danielle Tinkoff’s current research is focused on the intersection of environmental issues, land preservation, public policy and legal discourse. Danielle’s wide range of academic pursuits has included English, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, and environmentalism.  The critical theory program at UC Irvine provides Danielle with the opportunity to traverse disciplinary boundaries, in pursuit of innovative research.  By exploring the ways people reason through, communicate about, and make decisions regarding environmental issues, Danielle examines the implications of “preserving” national landscapes as National Monuments.