Sustainability Related

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This course is sustainability-related because it includes sustainability as a course component or module, or concentrates on a specific sustainability principle or issue. The course helps build knowledge about a component of sustainability or introduces students to sustainability concepts during part of the course.  At least 25% of the course content focuses on at least one of the enumerated sustainability criteria.

Biological Treatment Process Design

Design of biological treatment processes. Topics include attached and suspended growth, aeration, anaerobic systems, process control and economics. Design projects included. Prerequisite: CEE161.

Land Interactions

The role of terrestrial processes in the Earth system. Provides an introduction to ecosystem processes that regulate the cycling of energy, water, carbon, and nutrients. Analysis of the impact of human activities. Prerequisite: Chemistry 1C.

Evolution and Environment

Explores basic topics in ecology and evolutionary biology and applications to agriculture, conservation, environmental issues, and public health. Format involves discussion of scientific journal articles and other readings, with focus on learning to evaluate scientific evidence. Prerequisite or corequisite: Biological Sciences E106.

Physiological Plant Ecology

An examination of the interactions between plants and their environment. Emphasis on the underlying physiological mechanisms of plant function, adaptations and responses to stress, and the basis of the distribution of plants and plant assemblages across the landscape. Prerequisites: Biological Sciences E106 or Earth System Science 51 or 60A and 60C. Same as Earth System Science 168.

Business and Management in the World Today

Accounting scandals, e-commerce, and globalization are only a few examples that show the profound impact of business practices on individuals and on society at large. Provides students with a broad overview of business functions and management practices.

Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems: Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity, history of human impacts, and conservation efforts are examined in the five Mediterranean-type ecosystems. The extent of remaining natural habitat, approaches to ecological habitat restoration, control of exotic species, and predicted consequences of global climate change are described. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences E106.


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