SST - 2010

The 2010 Cohort of the Science Sustainability Team


"It took me a while to determine that my theoretical curiosities and personal affections toward nature and the environment could be a viable academic interest.  There is a great deal of interest, especially given our current social and cultural circumstance, for understanding what role language plays in determining our relationship to, impact upon, and conceptions of the environment.”


"I am fascinated by understanding how humans interact with natural resources, and how the relationship between the two will change with time, particularly in the face of climate change. I have always been mesmerized by water as a critical natural resource. It is a backbone of life, yet it is often taken for granted by its many users. In order to be truly sustainable, and understanding of the linkages across all disciplines is essential."


“Expanding your educational foundation and incorporating interdisciplinary ideas into research questions can yield interesting and meaningful results.”


“Energy policy should always be crafted with efficiency in mind; pertaining not only to energy input/work output but also greenhouse gas emissions, land use, fuel security, and domestic economic impact rather than conservation.”

With a lifelong interest in energy and the environment Joe’s research focus is on enhancing and developing the performance of clean air energy systems. His current research is focused on the development of materials that will help the performance efficiency of clean coal turbines.


My research is both extremely depressing and uplifting at the same time. Rapid habitat loss, extreme mismanagement of waste, loss of life and livelihoods… the list goes on and on. But then I see the people at every level – individual, community, municipal, national, regional – who are just as concerned about this problem and are spending their lives working to educate people, network, and actively address these very problems."

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